Board Application Form


Three seats on the MVOA Board of Directors will be up for election at this year’s Annual Meeting in November. The Nominating Committee has the responsibility of reviewing and recommending six (6) candidates whose names will be on the ballot sent to each MVOA owner. Interested individuals are urged to step forward and become a candidate for the upcoming elections. This is an opportunity for you to play an active role in decisions concerning MVOA. This job is strictly voluntary, although actual travel expenses up to $300 are reimbursed. Accommodations and two meals are also provided for each board meeting. The term is for three years, and the candidates must be prepared to attend quarterly Board meetings and committee meetings often held on the Friday afternoon preceding the Saturday morning Board meeting. The Nominating Committee Chairperson is requesting that any member of the Association interested in becoming a candidate for election to a seat on the MVOA Board of Directors submit a Candidate Profile and an 80-word biography to the Nominating Committee to be received at MVOA by August 20, 2020. All interested candidates must be in good standing with the Association. Submit the completed application with an eighty (80) word biography to the MVOA office at PO Box 1351, Harrisonburg, VA 22803 by August 20, 2020.